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Media by Month: May 2020


The reason why I chose this photos is because I love basketball. Basketball helps me with my troubles and basketball…


Teachers, students and parents are exhausted. Praying for relief for all.

It’s All Too Much

I started drawing October 2019. I have always wanted to be an artist but never thought I had the talent….

Teacher Grief

I needed a release for all the things I have been feeling. It is difficult to describe how I feel….


We were enjoying a walk downtown Elkhart when we spotted these beautiful tulips.

Permission to Slow Down

If there is one thing that I have learned during this pandemic, it is that I have a lot of…

What can you control?

Sometimes I struggle wondering about the “What if’s, when will and how come?” This image helps put some things into…

What day is it?!

Anyone else??

I’m Trying

The pandemic shutdown has been hard. I miss the face-to-face interaction with students, staff, and colleagues. Even though it has…

Bigger spaces

We’ve all been stuck at computers for the last six weeks. I’m used to talking around more each day, so…

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